In Hope, a poem for Thursday

This Thursday instead of Lazy Poet, I’m re-posting a poem I wrote a few years ago, for International Women’s Day. Yes I know that was yesterday, but you know me by now, the other week that I got the day wrong for wordless Wednesday, and the syllable count wrong for LP!

In Hope

Cast aside your veil

Turn your face to the sun

Gather round the hearth

Your work today is done

Your sisters draw near

Feet planted to earth

They no longer fear

The lone walk on the trail

Your children breathe free

The mountains clear air

Well nourished with plenty

And wind blown away care

Your abundance is here

Take love in your stride

Future perfect and clear

Go forward with pride

Cast aside your veil

And no longer hide


11 thoughts on “In Hope, a poem for Thursday

  1. It’s beautiful, Gilly! 🙂 I don’t remember it the first time either but then the memory cells are drifting away 🙂 Nice photo too. Happy Thursday!

  2. Gilly. Thanks for ‘link’ heads up. I’ve done something but will wait and see if it’s made me more noticeable. You are a good friend.
    Apropos the lovely poem – veil is a powerful symbol of privacy and of defiance; cast aside your veil…

  3. Huge metaphorical reach of the veil image Gilly. Thank you for a lovely poem, you word spinner. I always mark the day but I forgot all about it this year: it was the day I left Warsaw.

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