A Victorian Post

My friend in Cornwall has a passion for post boxes, andย I told her where to find a Victorian one, the oldest there are. Since then I’ve found several more very old ones, but never is pretty surroundings. This one is fifty yards from home and even though I’ve used it for years, I only recently realised it’s Victorian. I wonder how many other people have noticed.

It’s a shame that the Royal Mail doesn’t give it a nice new coat of paint, but if they painted all the boxes in the country they’d probably raise the cost of a stamp! Jude has a lovely collection in case you haven’t seen them . . .


9 thoughts on “A Victorian Post

  1. love this! our mailboxes are all quite modern and not nearly as interesting. my link here is to a post from a few years which includes one of our mailboxes – most of them look the same. i think the design prevents graffiti.
    thanks also for sharing the link to Travel Words. enjoyed the collection there as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Be nice if they stripped all the old paint off and then gave it a new one, though the faded and chipped look kind of goes with its age. I am not at all surprised that you didn’t notice it as a Victoria one as it isn’t very obvious.

  3. All our postboxes got repainted before the commonwealth games (2014) so they’re still looking reasonable! There’s a set-in-the-wall one quite nearby – must check its vintage.

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