Spring plants in the rain

I walked down my road from work today , with my neighbour Katie and she admired the euphorbia draping itself over my garden wall. I thanked her because it had self seeded from hers! We decided it was at it’s best, even better than her mother plant and that I should take a photo.

So as I’d got the camera out, I decided to see what else was happening.

I must say it’s nice to get home in daylight and next week will be even better. The weather’s been squally again, bright sunshine, then short, sharp showers and some very heavy rain and wind. I think the plants enjoyed the freshness.



10 thoughts on “Spring plants in the rain

  1. The Euphorbia has a case of “the other side of the fence is always greener”
    What pretty galleries here Gilly, all the plants look so fresh! I went for an amble around my patch this afternoon, it is soon time to clear out the herb bed and get it ready for planting. Time to visit a nursery or two!

  2. Spring is finally arriving here and I am so happy to see all of the blooming plants and new leaves on the trees. The Cherry trees have such lovely blossoms. Thanks for sharing.

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