Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

Where nature meets art

and then again poetry

transcendence beckons


8 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  1. What a lovely shot! Is that a tree sculpture of some kind, and where please? (you know nosy me likes all the details 🙂 ) Off to my haiku place soon but still jealous of Cathy! She’s going to be in Japan at Sakura time. How does she do it? 🙂 (just joking, Cathy, should you read this 🙂 )

  2. Now I will spend the day thinking about the nature of transcendence – in between baking a quiche and hunting for mislaid things. I love the colours, and the companion trees.

  3. this is such an awesome composition! am actually on a quest for your magnolia post, but it seems to be eluding me….
    but have certainly enjoyed my visit here 🙂

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