What is danger?

We each have our own perception of danger don’t we? I have no fear of heights, but having been bitten by a spider I find them dangerous. I’ve been in a huge bat cave in Borneo, but because it was a climb up inside,  saw no danger.

Now, put me in a dark hole in the ground, that’s my idea of danger. Being enclosed like that is scary, really grim. But I did it anyway, some fears are meant to be conquered aren’t they?


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But I won’t be going down a lava tube again!



10 thoughts on “What is danger?

  1. What is danger, indeed …. Well done for going down that lava tube, Gilly! Pot holing left me with a degree of claustrophobia……

  2. I’m with you on holes in the ground: I watched my kids descend my father-in-law’s opal mine, and left them to J! Where was the lava tube? The one I entered was high and broken, so you could see through to the other side. You were very braves confronting that particular personal danger.

    Don’t laugh but coconuts are the most dangerous thing I’ve encountered, and I’ve been close to both funnel webs with fangs dripping poison (in the kitchen sink) and a tiger snake. I’m not keen on heights or stairs either.

  3. Plenty of dangerous cliffs around our coastline to be wary of; holes in the ground I consider to be frightening, but not particularly dangerous, unless, as in my nightmares, you get stuck in one!! Meg’s funnel webs and tiger snakes on the other hand…

  4. Lava holes and spiders would top my list too. Followed by snakes. We had plenty in one of our coffee curing outposts. We could hear them chasing mice in the ceiling at night and have nearly stepped on sun bathing cobras on our front steps a couple of times. None got to my kitchen sink thankfully, but I never washed my face with both eyes fully closed as long as I was there 🙂

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