Vigilant, a Thursday Special

Vigilant : Alertly watchful especially to void danger, Merriam Webster.

Paula’s Thursday Special for the first week of June is ‘pick a word’, I’m choosing vigilant, from her list of five.

The river Dart, strangely enough, runs into the sea at Dartmouth. At the estuary stands the 600 year old castle, one the loveliest settings anywhere for a fortress.

Gun tower

The gun tower was one of the first of it’s kind in the country and has been standing vigilant for nearly as long as the castle has existed.

You can walk out to the castle, along a path with beautiful views, or you can go by ferry. I’ve done both, most recently last week, when I walked out and returned by boat. When you arrive at the jetty, there’s a board that you turn around, the ferryman sees it from way across the river and makes his way across to take you back to town. A perfect way of spending £2.50 on a sunny day.



16 thoughts on “Vigilant, a Thursday Special

  1. I liked Dartmouth, didn’t have time to visit the castle, but a trip on the river would have been good. Nice photo of the castle.

  2. Ah, Dartmouth castle…a great setting. It’s coming up to two decades since I was there….stayed along the river, Warfleet Creek, I think it was called…

  3. What gentle-looking vigilance: a river bend, a wooded shore, flowers and lovely brick work. Obviously the intention wasn’t gentle – Warfleet says that. I love the old way of summoning the ferry man. Thank you for taking me with you into pleasure and almost contentment.

  4. An afterthought! Did you see Andrew Graham-Dixon’s latest offering on Florence on BBC4 last night? More bits I missed! 🙂 🙂 Rainy day hugs, darlin!

  5. Absolutely lovely and a great vantage point. Perfect for vigilant. Gilly, I am so glad to see you again honey. Thank you for this lovely entry.

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