Thursdays Special

Paula over at Lost in Translation has asked us to post photos of the same scene in landscape and portrait format. I often forget that I have a choice, and landscape is jut there isn’t it? I hope this challenge will make me thing more often about how totally different an image can be, just with a turn of the camera.

Any thoughts or preferences?



16 thoughts on “Thursdays Special

  1. I also prefer the second photo: More close up detail of bridge and stream, and as “morsel” exclaimed” That sky, the glorious sky”

  2. Seems I am the odd one out. I like the textures in the portrait image, but for me the landscape wins – the contrails across the sky create sections which to me draw focus to the curve of the bridge and the triangular shape of the grass. Hey ho… 🙂

  3. Each works for me in its own way, perhaps because the subject is a landscape. I do have a preference for pictures of flowers though – portrait shots of those often seem much more striking.

  4. They are really different, the first one has a calmer composition and s-curve in landscape, the second one reveals more. Very interesting choice and a good example for this theme, Gilly. Thank you.

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