Shades of Ephesus

I posted a photo of the library of Celsus yesterday in black and white, and my inquisitive friend Jude wanted to know what colour it actually was.

Perhaps 2000 year ago, it might have been brighter, a warm rosey shade, we’ll never know. But here is what my camera saw.

Mystery solved Jude? By the way, the lady is Arete, goddess of virtue!


7 thoughts on “Shades of Ephesus

  1. What I imagined – the soft rosy pink with grey marbling and the statue is so elegant and graceful. Thanks Gilly, you probably already know that I prefer the colour version 🙂

  2. I have never been and will not be able to go to such magnificent places such as this. I watch lots of travel shows but coming to your site and being allowed to travel with you is quite wonderful. Thank You for sharing.

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