Tatty Sunshine

Every year I wait patiently for the first daffodils I see in full bloom, and it’s almost always on the hospital campus that I find them.

If it’s still January when they appear, I’m thrilled to bits, they’re my own little spring watch and make my heart sing. Do you have your own special sign that winter’s loosening it’s hold?


10 thoughts on “Tatty Sunshine

  1. I am unsure yet, since we only moved to this area last summer (near Woodstock NY in the US, which has had a lot of winter so far). I am not clear on if it will be snow again like they say, or continue to spring sooner instead of later. There are so many chipmunks near here that I do not even know if bulb plants like daffodils are here or if they have been eaten!

  2. Still waiting for my Helleborus Niger to flower. I thought it was usually January, but I am beginning to suspect that not having a really cold snap alters the behaviour of flowers down here. I did buy myself a couple of bunches of daffs today to cheer me up (so fed up of the rain and mist and windy weather) and they are filling the dining hall with a pleasant perfume now.

  3. One of the few things I really miss when here in Portugal – there are narcissus here but they just don’t have the same impact as yellow daffodils

  4. As always, I love your title, and your mind. “Tatty sunshine” indeed. I’m so glad your warm heart is singing. As for spring signs here, I’ll have to wait till September and notice!

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