#March Square14

Day 14 of Becky’s challenge, a square filled with squares or squaring circles(s) and isn’t it fun. Today I’m taking it  more seriously,

with a bunch of circles in the round.

Have you seen what Becky’s up to? There’s never too many tiles, especially if they look like this.


32 thoughts on “#March Square14

      1. You know that dunce corner you have reserved for me? 🙂 🙂 Unlike Becky I have been, and it still doesn’t look familiar (ha! ha! 🙂 ) though I can see how it would be.

  1. Well I think we are looking down into a tower, and the smaller circles look like lights. The one in the middle though – maybe a hole? Perhaps a well.
    Aaargh I don’t know!!!!!!!

  2. Ok my first thought was a water tower, then an unusual ice house and then I found myself going round in circles blinded by lights and sunlight!!!

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