#MarchSquare 31

When Becky began her March Square challenge I wasn’t sure I’d manage to post every day, so I started a folder on my desktop and saved quite a few photos there. These are some of the leftovers, all taken in Turkey.If you click an image you can see a bigger view.

And my very last photo, one I know that my antipodean friend will love.

Beck, a great big thank you hug, so many people have enjoyed this challenge!


22 thoughts on “#MarchSquare 31

  1. Your Antipodean friend most certainly will, and she won’t be on her own, Gilly. 🙂 🙂 Busy day for you? It’s been dismal here so a few more jobs got done.

    1. Yes I’ve been to Bridport and back twice so that the dogs weren’t on their own too long (craft fair), walked then and been to sainsbugs. Luckily we’ve had some sunshine but it’s still not very warm. Hope you’re making progress with the big sort out?
      The photo was the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

      1. Istanbul is fab, I’m glad I went when I did, I’ve walked along Istiklal, where there was bombing a couple of years ago. So sad, it’s such a vibrant place. As is Bridport on a Saturday!

  2. What fabulous leftovers. I’ll be coming round to yours for tea if your food leftovers are like this too!

    Wonderful selection. Thank you so much for sharing xx

  3. If I’m the Antipodean in question, I do love it. And if not, then I still love it. I haven’t been as attentive as I’d have liked to your splendid square photos – a friend for a week and two days of superb music festival have been filling my time with joy. I’m glad you posted all of these – they’re all wonderful.
    (It may continue, my lack of attentiveness. Only two weeks for all the stuff before Warsaw – in fact in two weeks I’ll be at Sydney airport. But I know I’ll be missing treasures.)

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