Rust, turquoise and wire

Find the photo, it’s the one with all three, above the two wood person.

Nature’s sculpture curves, sways and strives
to sling un-human’s detritus from the margins
to protect the vast ocean from more of the rot

nothing on this planet that hasn’t always been
then what vile reversed alchemy allows iron,
converts copper, and bends bronze until
it becomes a web of death for seal, dolphin, albatross?
to disintegrate into toxic crumbs in the cold blooded
sea fish that fetch up formed into fingers
crumbed and plated with so much sea salt
disguising neutralizing the residue of iron
fingers of rust turn to dust in the gut

oil carbon chemical process turns into sacks
and plastic bags, bottles to contain oil
to massage into aging flesh
while hastening our planet’s death


22 thoughts on “Rust, turquoise and wire

  1. So well said, Gilly. So sad…
    The alarm has been here for a while, it just, no one is willing to make a bit of sacrifice….

  2. Really well written – could it be used in schools? shouted from rooftops? printed on trains? (on recyclable paper of course) …Loved the bit about oil to help aged skin – shows we really need to think about what we, as individuals, are doing to the planet

  3. Such strong and emotive words Gilly. Our beautiful world is in a state of decay and you have captured the despair. Our supermarkets in Queensland are banning plastic bags from next month, but is it too little to late

  4. Thought~provoking and passionate, Gilly! We do what we can to mitigate these horrors but I believe that manufacturers should shoulder some of the responsibility too. 😦

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