CPW’s Picture prompt

Once upon a time I was a writer, but now i don’t know how. So I plan to reblog things I posted before and maybe even things I’ve written in the past and not shared. I hope that this will inspire me to get back to regular writing, not just a poem written in ten minutes to take to writing group.
So here’s a post from 5 or 6 years ago . . .

Lucid Gypsy

Last week I went for a lunchtime walk with Crazy Polish Woman who complained that my blog is full of photos and not much writing these days. I explained that I have to keep my best writing for the course I’m studying, and to build up a body of work, but I do try to do the 100 word challenge most weeks, because flash fiction isn’t too trying.

Back at my desk she emailed me this picture, with the question ‘What is happening here?’


The picture, by Charles Sims is called ‘and the fairies ran away with their clothes’ . But this is what I think is happening, what do you think?

Small Saboteurs

Now my love I want you to listen carefully.

You see these pretty little creatures at my feet? Well they are my small saboteurs and they lived with me for a long time. In the beginning they…

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