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Last week I went for a lunchtime walk with Crazy Polish Woman who complained that my blog is full of photos and not much writing these days. I explained that I have to keep my best writing for the course I’m studying, and to build up a body of work, but I do try to do the 100 word challenge most weeks, because flash fiction isn’t too trying.

Back at my desk she emailed me this picture, with the question ‘What is happening here?’


The picture, by Charles Sims is called ‘and the fairies ran away with their clothes’ . But this is what I think is happening, what do you think?

Small Saboteurs

Now my love I want you to listen carefully.

You see these pretty little creatures at my feet? Well they are my small saboteurs and they lived with me for a long time. In the beginning they smiled and told me I was a silly little girl. But gradually they started to change. They said I was stupid, a hopeless case and that I would never get anywhere in life, and I believed them and became just that, hopeless.

Next they said I was ugly, and that I was getting fat. And so I never smiled, I screwed my face into a frown, turned my mouth down and ate and ate until I thought I would burst.

Worst of all, was when they told me that no one would ever love me. So I made sure that no one would, I behaved very badly.

Still my small saboteurs told me how bad I was, they all shouted at once and gave me such a headache that I shouted back, ‘Stop it, shut up and go away,’ I was very angry. They fell silent and huddled together, so I quickly put them in my hat and locked it in my drawer.

I felt a little better right away, and the very next day I met a handsome man, who said that I had a pretty smile. I smiled at myself in the mirror, turning from side to side, and saw that I had a tiny bit of prettiness, so I smiled wider!

The handsome man was always kind to me, and before I knew it, he said that he loved me and wanted me to be his wife. I was so happy that I forgot all about the small saboteurs, and then along you came.

So I want you to know that if ever a saboteur speaks to you, they speak untruths, and you must never believe them. I’ve taken these creatures out of the drawer and I’m going to drop them in the old well one by one, never to be seen or heard again.






40 thoughts on “CPW’s Picture prompt

  1. Yet again you have entralled and captured the imagination with your talented use of words. The saboteurs will never escape from the well to mar another childs life. Brilliant.

  2. Reblogged this on Lucid Gypsy and commented:

    Once upon a time I was a writer, but now i don’t know how. So I plan to reblog things I posted before and maybe even things I’ve written in the past and not shared. I hope that this will inspire me to get back to regular writing, not just a poem written in ten minutes to take to writing group.
    So here’s a post from 5 or 6 years ago . . .

  3. You do fanciful very well. I couldn’t have conjured a story like that. 🙂 🙂 Shortage of time is your chief enemy and the main reason you do the photos and snippets of goodies.

    1. You are a love, thank you (((hugs))) If I wasn’t addicted I’d use the time I spend blogging and visiting friends blogs to write, but that’s not going to happen because I’d miss so many of you 🙂

  4. Agree with all the above sentiments. You have talent and are definitely a Writer with a voice all her own As an ex-professional writer retired only two years but occasionally tempted back in, I know the lure of photography too well even though I am not a good photographer. It becomes an extension of one’s words and now I can’t begin to imagine writing a Post without first having sorted out some images to accompany it.

  5. Oh this is excellent, Gilly. The voice and tone are perfect. I sympathise with your non-writing dilemma, but I tend to think a blog is not the place to show off your best work. But it’s a good place to flex muscles and practise. But Jo is also right – you do need to have time for quiet reflection. There are people for whom writing just happens, but I don’t think this is common, or necessarily desirable. Wishing you well on your way back to your writing track, but in your own good time. Look forward to seeing more of your backlist 🙂

    1. Thanks Tish, what a lovely thing to say, every so often I get upset and frustrated that I’m not writing and I have to remind myself that I can retire in three years – if I’m spared 🙂

      1. The thing is you can look upon this time as composting. It is good to gather impressions, thoughts, notions, and blogging and WP in general are quite good for that. Some writers don’t write anything for years. It doesn’t mean they are not writers. The subconscious is always busy. Perhaps it is a burning topic that you need. But the main thing is to just keep showing up, whether writing happens or not. It will though. I can feel you gathering your resources…

  6. I see I commented on this back when it was originally posted, but I’m commenting anew today. This is such a good encouraging piece.
    And don’t be too discouraged about the battle you’re having with writing something ‘new.’ I’m going through something similar. It’s been literally like pulling teeth to get myself to sit down and actually create anything beyond a little poem lately. And when I do sit down to a piece that’s already started, I just seem to come up empty — like the well is dry. I know the grief of losing my dearest friend and editor has been a part of the problem, but I don’t think it’s all of it. So if it’s any comfort to know — you’re not the only one struggling with their creativity right now. But I’m confident that our springs will start to flow again.

    1. Also, I think it’s fun to dig out some of the stuff I wrote and posted in the past and give it a fresh airing. I look at it differently many times and get something fresh from it — and so do some readers. Besides, as we acquire new followers, they will be seeing it for the first time, because — if my experience is anything to go by — most new followers don’t go back very far into our sites to read our old stuff.

    2. Oh my dear I remember you writing about the loss of your friend, I can understand how that impacts on you, because it’s a time of very sad anniversary’s for me.
      Pulling teeth is exactly right, I can take an hour to squeeze out a sentence.

  7. I enjoyed the many metaphors you have in this story, Gilly, It’s really well written and has a lovely flow. The photo is very inspiring. I think we all have moments when writing seems more like a chore. Photography fills in when that happens. Unfortunately, the many challenges are tempting week after week. I didn’t read this one the first time around. I may not have been following your blog then.
    Hope to read more creative writes.
    Issy 😎

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