Jakes Sunday Post: Concept

Jake says ‘CONCEPT – something thought or imagined: something that somebody has thought up, or that somebody might be able to imagine, Broad principle affecting perception and behavior: a broad abstract idea or a guiding general principle, one that determines how a person or culture behaves, or how nature, reality, or events are perceived the concept of time Understanding or grasp: the most basic understanding of something has little concept of what is involved, Way of doing or perceiving something: a method, plan, or type of product or design.

So the challenge week is to come up with an interpretation of this – difficult eh? If I had known yesterday how useful these photos would be I would have tried harder, taken more time and well – shoved people out of the way 🙂 Anyway I hope you get the gist.

2012 Dec 08_2241Isaac Merrit Singer’s prototype for a sewing machine.

2012 Dec 08_2243


A beautiful early model

2012 Dec 08_2232Isn’t this lovely?

2012 Dec 08_2247


2012 Dec 08_2246

2012 Dec 08_2250I think this is my favourite. I learn to sew on a very old treadle machine when I was a small girl.  What an incredible concept from My Singer and how different the world would be without sewing machines.

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