One Hundred Steps

Myfanway aka Chittle Chattle  has begun a regular 100 step search for inspiration for her wonderful creative embroidery and textile work. The first time I set out to find something interesting I failed miserably, but today was better.

Along the road in one direction is a green square or park, it’s been here as long as the oldest houses – at least two hundred years. Sadly it’s locked and fenced to be used by a few select houses. I have never seen anyone there or heard a single voice, isn’t that sad?

Luckily in the other direction is a similar green, open and with beautiful mature trees. It’s never crowded but it’s used daily all year  and in summer is very popular. So this is the green today, for

Jakes Sunday Post: Peaceful

When friends and family come to stay they always leave relaxed, de-stressed and at peace, so of course I’ve chosen the Devon countryside for Jakes challenge.

Where these photos were taken, on Dartmoor, there is no noise, the only sound you will hear is the whistle of the wind, the odd sheep and some bird song and definitely no traffic!