One Hundred Steps

Myfanway aka Chittle Chattle  has begun a regular 100 step search for inspiration for her wonderful creative embroidery and textile work. The first time I set out to find something interesting I failed miserably, but today was better.

Along the road in one direction is a green square or park, it’s been here as long as the oldest houses – at least two hundred years. Sadly it’s locked and fenced to be used by a few select houses. I have never seen anyone there or heard a single voice, isn’t that sad?

Luckily in the other direction is a similar green, open and with beautiful mature trees. It’s never crowded but it’s used daily all year  and in summer is very popular. So this is the green today, for


7 thoughts on “One Hundred Steps

  1. It’s nice to see green space being used, especially in a close neighborhood. Sorry to hear the other place is locked down. Nice pictures.


  2. Gilly, it is a shame about that closed up park. How sad it’s kept private. I’m picturing that park Hugh Grant had to climb over the fence to get to in Notting Hill. Love your pictures, especially the last one and the dogs in the leaves.

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