Converging Stone Rows

Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together, says Ben Huberman at the Daily Post and he asks for photos with the theme of ‘Converge’. I find the bronze age stone rows on Dartmoor fascinating, imagine the people that created these way back in time. My photo shows some of the stone rows that converge at the top of the hill above Scorhill circle heading towards Batworthy and Fernworthy.

If you have photos that converge – and who doesn’t? share them here.

Travel Theme: Wild

Ailsa has chosen ‘Wild’ as her travel theme this week and I’ve chosen Scorhill as my wild destination. The drive up the hill is only around three miles from a little town but it’s steep, narrow and the Devon banks are high some of the way. If you’re lucky and get one of the half dozen parking places then you can walk a little higher before dropping into the valley. At the bottom lies the stone circle in my photo – I’ve never managed to find a way of capturing it so that it looks like a circle I’m afraid. The cirlce is believed to be Bronze age, making it up to four thousand years old but artitacts from eight thousand years ago have been found there.


I hope Scorhill is wild enough for you, but there will be wilder here !


Jakes Sunday Post: Peaceful

When friends and family come to stay they always leave relaxed, de-stressed and at peace, so of course I’ve chosen the Devon countryside for Jakes challenge.

Where these photos were taken, on Dartmoor, there is no noise, the only sound you will hear is the whistle of the wind, the odd sheep and some bird song and definitely no traffic!