A Birthday Poem

Still missing Becky’s squares and not capable of stringing much more than a sentence together this evening, I thought I’d reblog one of my poems. Next to my own River Exe, the Teign is one of my favourite rivers anywhere. This poem is my tribute to it.

Lucid Gypsy

Today is the day, but as always I plan to have a birthday month, so I spent yesterday walking beside the river Bovey. This is the result.

Rushing Slowly

I contemplate the transience of the River Bovey.

Every molecule of water that flows past my feet

has a destiny, whether it is to evaporate,

to splash onto the shingle that scratches at my soles,

sink into the peaty soil

or connect with the vastness of the sea.

Every leaf, green, frosted or baked dry by the sun

will crumble, flake along the route

or wash up intact on a beach,

ten or ten thousand miles away.

Every little stick tumbles and rolls

between east and west river bank,

to be claimed by a golden retriever

or gathered by a green consumer

to give home a few minutes of warmth.

From its source between Chagford and Shapley commons,

the Bovey glides, swirls…

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9 thoughts on “A Birthday Poem

  1. What a beautiful poem, thank you so much for sharing with us again. Do hope you are struggling a little less too . . . I am missing squares too. Not posted for a while on LifeofB, perhaps I’ll find a photo for tomorrow. Take care xxx

  2. First of all, I love the title – amazing. Secondly, having read the poem twice, I was lying on that river bank with bare feet, letting my toes dangle in its flow, avoiding the little stick, as I spot a playful doggie on the other bank! 🙂 x

  3. Happy Birthday month, Gilly. Your favorite river sounds so lovely. Thanks for all your likes and good words on my posts. I miss the squares Becky challenged too although I came in at the tail end of the month. Hope you saw me wave!

  4. Ebbs and flows of beautifully descriptive words for us to enjoy. Thank you for this lovely poem.
    If I’ve missed your BIRTHDAY I hope it was a HAPPY one. I enjoy celebrating my birthday for an entire month too. May the coming year be filled with all the wonders you want along with good health, great joy, peace of mind and everlasting LOVE.
    Issy 😎

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