Sloe gin a plenty

If the amount of blackthorn flowers is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty of sloes this year. Has anyone ever made sloe gin, I bet Tish has.

The river and mill leat area is my favourite place to walk the dogs at the moment, it’s filled with wild flowers and the sound of birdsong, there the blackthorn is prolific.

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16 thoughts on “Sloe gin a plenty

    1. Blackthorn is first and the flowers are produced before the leaves, hawthorn is usually May and the leaves come first. (Which is why its nickname is May flower and why the proverb ‘ne’er cast a clout til May is out’ could refer to the flower and not the month.

  1. Love sloe gin and make it every year, plus damson gin. I’ve got a damson tree which I cherish both for the blossom (which has been demolished in the weekend storms) and the fruit. Nothing beats damson jam in my book but I don’t make jam, I just stew the fruit and eat it like a jam.

    1. I people make it for Christmas yes. Sloes are little dark purple blue fruits, like small damsons, but unlike damsons you wouldn’t eat them, they’d be very sour.

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