A touch of French pink

Hello! I’m back from a lovely week in the south of France, mostly Marseille, a really fascinating city, with a rich cultural history.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting on my scheduled posts, I have no hope of responding because I won’t ne at home this weekend.

Meanwhile, I’ve missed a few pink squares, so here’s one from La Canebiere, Marseille’s main street.

Marseille CanabiereIt would have been perfect i those ladies had been in the pink, but there you go.

Day 19 already Becky!


15 thoughts on “A touch of French pink

  1. Home already! Where did that week go? Glad you enjoyed it. I’m in Liverpool for the Terracotta Warriors but I should be home clearing cupboards. We’ve accepted an offer on the house. Panic!! 😃

    1. I would have loved to see the Warriors, but it’s a bit of a trek up there. Will you post photos?
      What fabulous news, you must be mega excited now it’s falling into place. Don’t panic, it’ll be fine, although I can’t imagine how you pack up everything to go to another country! Big hugs x:-)x

      1. Hello fabulous! I’m sitting with a glass of pink (Becky would like that 😃) and an onion bhagi and mango chutney sandwich-exotic!- in the Museum of Liverpool watching the rain. Emotional exhibition of John and Yoko. Warriors were brilliant. Heading for Tate next then home via coffee with James in Leeds. Fab time in the Cavern last night. Life is amazing if you Let it Be! Love you darlin xx

      1. Visiting my family here too (Berlin) and it feels so good to be together. So far away most of the year. Hugs to you. Enjoy your family time. Glad to reconnect.

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