and a very Happy New Year to all of you.

For various reasons I haven’t been around for several weeks, I’ve missed you, and  I’m sure you’ve all had a busy time as well. My time has been happy and also very sad, but I hope to be back to normal now.

Here are a few images from recent weeks.

I expect I’ll post a Wordless Wednesday tomorrow, it may even be wordy, and I’m finishing a poem. I’m anticipating some aches, pains and bruises tomorrow, because with the help of Flora and George, I slipped on the rocks at Sidmouth beach today. It was one of those slow motion moments where I thought I’d saved myself, but no, thought I’d saved myself a second time, but no, back I  went, my skull missing rock by an inch. I could only laugh!


36 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Glad to see you back Gilly, I was a little worried about your absence. Hope you are okay – easy to break an ankle or worse falling on rocks so do be careful!! Wishing you a peaceful and happy 2019.
    Jude xx

    1. Thanks Jude, it’s been a difficult time, Christmas always makes sad events worse doesn’t it? I count my blessings every day.
      A Happy 2019 to you too, we’re definitely going to meet up this year, i promise I won’t bite x:-)x

      1. Indeed. When everyone expects you to join in the festive spirit and your heart is just not in it. And yes. I’m definitely up to getting out this year!

  2. Oh dear! It was lucky you didn’t catch your head or do yourself some real mischief by twisting something. I’m sorry you’ve been going through some sad times and hope 2019 will be kind to you.

  3. Oh Gilly, I had been wondering where you were…. Glad to hear you didn’t crack your head on a rock – do take care! Here’s wishing you a Happy, Healthy New Year…. and we must meet up again one day xx

  4. Absence makes the heart grow worried (as well as fonder). Sympathy to you in your sadness: I hope 2019 brings you joy and relaxing times, and that bruises fade quickly and without too much pain. I recognise that kind of fall – I traversed a whole block in Warsaw once becoming more horizontal as hope of regaining vertical faded. I lost a kilo of butter in the bushes, and acquired contorted glasses that took me six weeks to get repaired because of language-timidity.

    A lovely photographic summary of your life.

    1. Ahh I’ve missed you too sweetheart, you always make me smile, I have an image of you walking along folded in half and with wonky glasses and what were you doing with a KILO of butter? Happy, healthy and wonderful 2019 to you xx

  5. Thank heavens you bounce! 🙂 🙂 And bounce back repeatedly, Gilly. As you’ve had to do 😦 Good to see you tentatively back on your feet, with a bundle of memories. Health, happiness and hugs in 2019!

    1. Thank heavens I’m well padded 🙂 Yep the last few of years have brought their share of sorrow, but we must pick ourselves up 🙂
      I hope 2019 brings you joy and happiness too my love. Oh and I just banged my head on the kitchen cupboard so today can only get better x 🙂 x

  6. Missed you Gilly, sorry to hear you have had a sad time and hope all is getting better. Oh dear be careful falls can be nasty. Jack is still suffering with his shoulder almost 3 months after his fall. Best wishes for 2019 I’ll look forward to your posts.

  7. So happy to see you Gilly. I understand “various reasons” all too well. Thinking of you and sending good wishes to you for a better 2019. Sorry to hear you fell on the rocks but glad you didn’t crack your skull. Ouch!

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