Close up at the valley park

Ana-Christine has picked a very popular theme for the lens artist challenge this week’ it’s close up. She’s also made it very inclusive by highlighting how you don’t need an expensive camera.I’ve only taken my camera out once this year, but my phone is always with me.
With the challenge in mind I walked the dogs at the valley park yesterday.

I’m fascinated by the form and colour of lichen, the tiny drops of dew were a bonus. My phone has a selective focus option, and while I could have got a better result with my camera, Flora and George would have had more time to get into mischief!


15 thoughts on “Close up at the valley park

      1. Letter under construction. I’m all the better for being back home, although this post made me think I’m missing out on splendid spring. A hug back, and a pat for the two dogs – if they’ll accept it from a stranger. Are you well too?

  1. Love this – you got it all! Dew drops, lichen and a budding twig. Is it an apple tree? (Or is it just the phone ;-D) Pats for Flora and George as well!

  2. Love lichens as you know and how interesting to see two kinds here, the bonus is of course that sparkling necklace. Great shot Gilly, but I am never giving up my camera 🙂

  3. Lovely! 🙂 🙂 I’m not great with my phone, and I struggle to download to my laptop so it’s easier to use those photos on Instagram and Facebook. 😦

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