At the foot of the tree

If you grew up in England when I did, a very long time ago, there’s a good chance that you had nature study classes. If you lived in a town, perhaps that meant a crocodile walk to the nearest park. Mine was, and even though I moved away I live close to that same park now. I loved the huge trees then and I was heartbroken when many of the ancient beings were lost in the 1987 hurricane.

I think the main reason for those classes was some respite for teachers while little horrors like me got to let off some steam. I knew the names of all the trees back then, but somewhere at the end of childhood I forgot most of them.

Luckily there’s a green at the bottom of my road. I once counted more than twenty varieties of trees there but only know what half of them are. Today I stopped in my tracks when I saw these unfolding leaf buds.Β  It most likely is a native tree, but the complementary colours opposite on the colour wheel and their striking form made them something different to me.

Tina set the Lens Artist challenge theme this week, with ‘Something different‘. Her cactus photos are amazing but I love the pink flowers.


19 thoughts on “At the foot of the tree

  1. Looks like something has already been nibbling the leaves – caterpillars probably. I also love the contrasting colours. Well spotted.

  2. As Jude says, something has had breakfast ….but well captured, Gilly! And I’m with you on remembering childhood nature walks….

  3. Has the lush look of an exotic plant. Lovely image.
    Did you also have to bring a leaf to school to draw it? That’s my earliest memory I think, but it did teach us a lot about leaves and it was something everyone could find lying around. Mari

  4. I loved my nature study classes, especially at one of my primary schools as it was in the middle of the countryside so we went pond dipping every spring πŸ™‚

  5. Nice memories there Gilly, would be helpful if today’s children also had the opportunity to get outdoors to study nature …. Love this blossom, it’s generous in shape and form, whatever it is?!

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