Less is still more


Amy’s choice this week of ‘less is more‘ is such an excellent theme and one that may just lead me back to Miksang. Keep it simple, take it back to the bones and then,

make it into a meditation.


6 thoughts on “Less is still more

  1. Bring on Miksang – and meditation. And more “less” Gilly photos! Make your weekend be serene, tranquil, calm, peaceful, relaxed, placid, unruffled, imperturbable. But hey, wait a minutes, that list is hardly less! Enveloping hugs anyway – I can’t hug anyone here because I’ve Got Germs. Another advantage of blogging sisters!

    1. Ahh bless you sweetheart, I’m sending all the above back to you along with some healing energy to send those germs packing. I’m dealing with the usual dogs and groceries this weekend and as much gardening as I can. Maybe even some blogging x:-)x

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