Small things in the valley park

My favourite place to walk in the city is Ludwell Valley Park, I’ve posted a few times about it. The management of Exeter’s six valley parks has recently been taken over by Devon Wildlife Trust, ensuring the continued opportunities for walking and enjoying nature.

There’s an abundance of plant life, something to see all year round and stunning views.

Last week I decided to focus on the small things, some of which tend to be overlooked.

Here’s a slideshow.

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The parks circle the city with beautiful wildlife corridors, free for all to enjoy, does your town or city have similar?


How one life was lived

On Saturday in Heavitree, I came across these flowers. Just outside the Co-op was Graham’s spot. He was the Big Issue man and we often said hello.

While I was there, two very elderly ladies came along, both knew him well and said he’d been around Heavitree for at least fifteen years,always had a smile on his face and never a bad word.

I believe that Graham had been homeless for many years, but I don’t know which of the night stops he visited.
He always seemed healthy, so it was a total surprise that he’d passed away. He was probably around my age, there but for fortune . . . .

Just a couple of weeks before he died he was given a flat, too little too late. Graham’s cheerful presence covered a very different reality, he must have had serious mental health problems, because he threw himself in front of a train.

Rest in peace Graham, I wish I’d taken more time to speak to you.


WordPress problems

Is anyone else having problems with WordPress? I have to jump through hoops to log in and see my own dashboard and I can’t open my reader at all on my laptop. I’m out of time now, but I’ve discovered that I can get to my reader on my tablet. Hopefully I’ll still be able to tomorrow.  My laptop is getting a bit old and slow, but I’m stalling replacing it because of the work that will involve.

Arrggh, I am not a happy G!

Off to edit a travel piece for writing group tomorrow. I’ll catch up as soon as I can.