8 thoughts on “Six word Saturday

    1. The exhibition has been touring the country Jude and it’s at the Royal Albert Museum now until late January I think. Quite small but I enjoyed it. Happy Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s a stunning book Jo. one of the things McFarlane said is how awful that young children are more likely to be able to name a pokemon character than a raven or heron, because the words are disappearing. Hugs back babe, the sun’s shining today so all’s well xx

  1. This is Macfarlane? My English friend saw an exhibition matching lost words and images taken by his parents when she was in England last year. Weโ€™ve resurrected smeuse and sun-scald. The images are beautiful. Thanks you for making my Sunday evening.

    1. The poetry is Robert Mc Farlane, the art Jackie Morris. The exhibiton has been arpund the country and it’s here at the Royal Albert Memorial museum until January. I had the book last Christmas and I love it, more for the art than the poetry actually. What’s a Smeuse my dear one?

      1. A hole in a hedge that little creatures move through. One of the local dogs has made one in his / her front hedge. (I was brought up modest and I never look at genitals, so I canโ€™t gender said dog!!)

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