A flying visit to Wells

On Monday I had 15 minutes to peep inside Well’s Cathedral, my first visit since I was 11 years old. Back then I was too young to really appreciate it, but I do remember enjoying it, especially the moat in the Bishop’s Palace garden.

Of course I stayed just at little longer, I was mesmerised by the light, the stained glass and we also lit a candle for my friends sister Diane, in America who sadly died last week.

Here are just a few pictures of this beautiful place.

Becky knows Wells far better then I do and her post is full of the information that mine lacks.

Returning to Wells for an ecclesiastical stroll

For Lindy and all the Shope family who sadly lost a very special sister.

The creepiest beasts on the planet

I haven’t joined in with the lens-artist challenge for ages but It’s time I did. This week it’s Ann-Christine’s turn to choose the theme and Halloween has made her think of creepy things. Her tunnel lurker is creepy, but the troll is way too cute to scare me.

The idea of spiders spinning around over my head is creepy for me and many other people. Worst of all are crocodilians. I know that some of  my friends down under and around the southern United States come across them and take it in their stride, but for me they are prehistoric and the most hideous creatures.

I think disbelief was what got me out of the bus that day, surely the people  wouldn’t really choose to share their village with them.

And as for this lass from our little group, how creepy that they are both smiling!

Researching balance

Who’s been a research participant?

I’ve always been interested in health research and around ten years ago I took part in a major program here, the Exeter 10,000.I was weighed, measured, blood pressure and cholesterol checked, and the information gathered was added to a database.

Last time I checked, they had recruited close to the 10K participants they hoped. I was asked if it was okay to contact me if I matched any further studies.

The next one was quite interesting, two, 2 hour visits six months apart where I was put through some quite challenging, but good fun, memory tests. I received a report on that one and was pleased that I’d performed well.

Now today, I’m wearing some little gadgets that have made a few people laugh. I’ve been asked if I’m being ‘tagged’, as  a criminal might. I have a sensor on my back,

One just above each ankle,

and one on each foot.

Some people believed me when I said it was a fashion statement. But most found the truth more interesting.

so now it’s nearly 9 pm, and the batteries will run out so it’s time to take the gdgets off. In the morning I take them back to Mubarack who will gather the information he needs, for his PHD research on balance as we age. Taking part was no problem for me. If you ever have the opportunity to help with someone’s research, stop and think where we’d be without it, and please, please take part if you can.

The Exeter 10,000