A flying visit to Wells

On Monday I had 15 minutes to peep inside Well’s Cathedral, my first visit since I was 11 years old. Back then I was too young to really appreciate it, but I do remember enjoying it, especially the moat in the Bishop’s Palace garden.

Of course I stayed just at little longer, I was mesmerised by the light, the stained glass and we also lit a candle for my friends sister Diane, in America who sadly died last week.

Here are just a few pictures of this beautiful place.

Becky knows Wells far better then I do and her post is full of the information that mine lacks.

Returning to Wells for an ecclesiastical stroll

For Lindy and all the Shope family who sadly lost a very special sister.


10 thoughts on “A flying visit to Wells

  1. Oh your photos are wonderful, and thank you for the link up 😍

    You’ve encouraged me to look out all the rest of mine. Another post may follow!!

    In the meantime if you think you might be back there anytime soon let me know, I’ll pop across to my Mum’s and maybe we could do coffee or lunch!

  2. I thought for a moment there that you’d met the lovely lady herself, but I see from her comment that you haven’t. 😦 They are really beautiful photos, Gilly! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I was there briefly too, many years ago.

  3. My sympathy to Lindy. Losing a sister is a special kind of painful.

    I love the images of the church – so different from Warsaw-baroque! White and elegant and soaring – with stained glass.

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