Lines by the river

Just a week left of Becky’s square lines challenge and I haven’t managed as many as I’d hoped. Luckily she doesn’t mind, all are welcome with that lovely lady. Today mine is a hotch-potch of man made and natural, beside the Exe.

Today Becky has a gallery of square entries to share,so sit back and enjoy.


14 thoughts on “Lines by the river

  1. I wouldnโ€™t have picked this one as you. Itโ€™s moody – and full of a great variety of lines. Today all the lines here are slanted and in fierce motion created by howling winds.

    1. We have strong winds at the moment, really rough last night and still blowing this morning. Perhaps the photo was a reflection of my mood after a stressful day at work. How are you my lovely?

      1. Feeling good. My Queensland daughter is visiting next weekend. Back in the beach routine with Joe. Beloved friend returning from England. All good. Sending you a big bit of stress relief. And hugs xxxx

  2. oh I love this .. . . . maybe you like me are finding photos which reflect a moment from the day (and the politics!). Great choice of lines Gilly . . . . and I have been so touched how often you have managed to join us this month xxxx

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