January 7th Square challenge ‘up’


Serenely gazing up

I hope you’re all feeling tranquil today, I am because it’s Friday tomorrow.

I learnt a new word today over at Becky’s place

Can you find it?


10 thoughts on “January 7th Square challenge ‘up’

  1. Yep, tranquil today as I’ve finally done the ironing! I’m the world’s worst procrastinator and think that if I leave things long enough they will disappear. What actually happens is that I fret all the time about the things left undone, bur then, when they are done, ah well, then a sense of peace descends.

    1. Hah! I know that one! Ironing is my least favourite chore (dusting is a close second) but when I do at last tackle the pile I feel a sense of relief and release.

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