Florentine Up

Well there aren’t many days left, January is rushing by and I wish I’d posted more Up Squares for Becky.
I will be glad to see the end of the dark month though, but like so many people I’d like to be able book a holiday and I can’t see that happening  any time soon.
So I’ll dream and look back at my travel photos instead.

7 thoughts on “Florentine Up

  1. Somehow holidays no longer seem important. But I don’t want to be locked out of the UK! We both have lovely memories of Florence, Gilly 🙂 🙂 And elsewhere!

  2. Oh, travel. I’ll have forgotten how. I’ve almost forgotten how to go into a shop in my home town, after 8 months of online grocery shopping. You’ll be glad to see the end of the dark month: I’ll be glad to see the end of a fire month – fortunately this year we’ve had rain and the river is running swift and clean: hasn’t done that in January for a long time. Stay well. I hope travel-longing is not too painful.

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