Real nappies!


How wonderful to see real nappies on a washing line instead of hideous disposables going to landfill. They aren’t like the terry squares that my generation of mums used, instead they are funky and bright with poppers and made from bamboo, cotton and microfibre. Some have built-in waterproof covers others have separate waterproof wraps. It has been estimated that using them can save around £400 on a first baby and £500 on a second, even with laundry costs. Just imagine the benefit to the environment!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Welcome to a brand new masterpiece, baby Scarlett arrived at 2.30 am today, weighing 8lbs 1 oz! She is my new grandchild and I am a very happy and proud Mma. Well done to my brave daughter and clever, handsome extra son!


I’m sorry I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up with  your blogs, I haven’t had much sleep in the last couple of nights waiting for Scarlett and now I’m shattered but I’ll see you soon!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Sara Rosso has chosen Curves this week and as I’m away in Hampshire visiting my daughter who is expecting her first baby I can’t think of any better curves than these!



Six weeks to go if she lasts that long!

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