Rippled by Geese

Yesterday at Killerton I walked to the lake to try to get a better reflection shot for the Weekly Photo Challenge. It didn’t work, two lovely but irritating geese put paid to that idea, gliding around rippling up the water as if they owned the place!
I waited a while, lake2
but they weren’t going anywhere,so this is as good as it got. lake3
Oh well I needed that extra 100 metre walk through the mud ­čÖé

Goose Chat

I met some geese


I gave them a call


They waddled over


and said hi


or something like it


I think they liked me


They were inquisitive in their goosey way


But they soon got bored


and waited for someone with more to offer than chat.

I know . . . but I’m rather fond of geese.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I decided to enter several photos to the weekly photo challenge this week and I hope you enjoy!

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I’ve added an extra photo because of the lovely Sandra’s┬ácomment. She’s right it’s the perfect chance to show off my beautiful grandson even if I have no make up on and I hate being on that side of the camera.