Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I decided to enter several photos to the weekly photo challenge this week and I hope you enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve added an extra photo because of the lovely Sandra’s http://sandraconner.wordpress.com/Β comment. She’s right it’s the perfect chance to show off my beautiful grandson even if I have no make up on and I hate being on that side of the camera.

63 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. Oh, Gilly, these were all terrific choices for the theme! But I was so hoping you’d include a photo of you and your new grandson too.
    Ooops, just noticed I’m on my “Hangin’ Out” blog instead of the “By The Book” site. But I did tell you we’re one and the same person, didn’t I? Just don’t want to confuse you. I have a tendency to pick up on a conversation I was involved in from the other site and just keep going from this one
    Anyway — Great Photos! I enjoyed every one of them.

  2. these are awesome, Gilly! i especially enjoyed the geese and the woman and her horse. fun and touching respectively, those two. and the slideshow is a great idea, too.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Simply superb Gilly! All of them fit perfectly for this weeks challenge. Particularly marching and singing – that is so ‘together’.

  4. I’ll join the chorus – the horse and girl picture is wonderful! The best one, though, is getting a look at New Grandson! He’s adorable. But you knew that already.

  5. All of these images are fantastic, Gilly. The one with the ducks put a smile on my face. They look like they’re looking in all directions as if to negate any resposibility for whatever has happened. LOLOL The photo of you with your grandson just tugs at the heartstrings. Too adorable …. both of you.

    1. You’re an angel Izzy! The ducks are geese and it was taken at Colyford Goose Fair, one of those crazy annual events that have been going on for generations and great fun!

  6. These are all great Gilly…but of course i fell in love with your gorgeous grandson and his grandmother…so beautiful. i loved the photo of the veterans marching…especially with the curves…love it

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