Anzac Cove

A single satin poppy like a drop of blood on innocent sand.

As far as the eye can see, empty turquoise, peacefulness,

In the loveliest burial ground in the world

For the thousands of ghosts of lost boys

Who were sent here to die.

Stones pierce the green like rows of shark’s teeth

Stones that name Anzacs in their teens and twenties

Few old enough to be dads, all young enough to be sons.

Antipodean voices whisper as they search

Emotion choked as names are uncovered

And Rosemary battles for remembrance

Against the fennel scorched air.

25 thoughts on “Anzac Cove

  1. Gilly that is an amazing poem! It reminded me of all i saw and felt on that day we visited Anzac! Thanks for capturing it with words!

  2. Was thinking again about your poem, Gilly. Last night on YouTube we came upon an episode of Who do you think you are? from 2006. Robert Lindsay. His grandfather served in the navy during WW1 and he would have been one of the men who rowed the Anzacs in a small-boat convey to Anzac Cove. The final footage of the prog. is devoted to Lindsay’s trip out there. The whole episode is pretty darn good though.

    1. Thanks Tish, I watched some of it and it took me right back there, I’ve never been as moved anywhere as I was there. Thanks also for remembering my poem, I’m really touched xx

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