January Small Stones # 18

Bonjour mademoiselle

So thrilled this morning when at 8.15 I saw a small black lady waiting at the pelican crossing on a complex junction. She’s been missing for a few weeks you see and I was concerned for her well being. She always waits for the green light, but you never know do you? Because sometimes, when its rush hour drivers are tempted to dash on through. She cheers everyone up with her elegant and proud air as she looks both ways to double check, and she always takes her time. She is one of those ladies whose age is hard to determine, very well groomed. So today she was crossing my way and she looked up at me quite sweetly, I’m sure she was pleased to see me as well. We didn’t chat though; she took a right towards Magdalen while I headed on to work.

A bientot mademoiselle pussycat!

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