January Small Stones # 7

When did people start to leave cuddly toys on the graves of lost children? I’ve always found it sad to see them, fresh and new at first and then over months and years, seeing how they become weather beaten and faded. What I saw today was one of the bleakest things I have ever seen, a Christmas gift for a daughter who has passed. It was still in its box and with dew on the inside. I almost dread to see it deteriorate and wonder about the pain of the parent who left it. I hope it helps with their grief.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

I spent half an hour around a gang of teenage boys at the ramps who were swearing and well, a bit rough around the edges. I was conscious that I had an expensive camera and found it quite intimidating. So my shots didn’t turn out very well because it was getting dark, but you can still see them launching from the ground!

After a while some of these guys came over to ask why I was taking photos. They had never been photographed in action before, can you believe it? Anyway they seemed to decide I was okay and then started to show off their skills even more. I don’t understand how manage they to turn themselves and skateboard upside down and not only land with their feet back on the board again but to do it without breaking their necks!