One Hour in Exeter Summer 2011

I’m a travelaholic and I’m always posting photos and anecdotes from places around the world but for once I’m going to sing the praises about my own city. Beautiful Exeter in the south west of England is 2000 years old and has something for everyone. Here are just a few pics I took last summer when I spent just an hour in town.                                                                      A fund raising event

A shiny band

A veterans parade (and above)

Restored Tudor buildings

A recent mural

The 900 year old St Peter’s cathedral

Some of the flock!

Mols coffee house

A ruined church

A friendly labradoodle

Silver man

A catwalk show in Princesshay shopping centre

The blue boy relocated from the old Princesshay

I hope you like this quick insight into a summer day in Exeter.There is always something to see and do, we get lots of tourists and the coast is just ten miles away.

January Small Stones # 29


Canopies of trees have burst their buds.

testing, is it time to blossom?

to herald the coming green?

listen . . . no barren avenues today

the air orchestrated with birdsong.

blackbirds call from the horse chestnut roof

wives chime replies from birch spires.

a lilting debate about whether it’s time.

whether it’s the weather yet

or the risk of a frozen February mist.

begin early, there may be three nest-full’s

hatching this year. three full nests?

that’s an awful lot of work

 but a full of bounty of worm, who can resist?

My lovely friend Isadora, a talented poet

suggested that I submit this poem here

This story really touched my heart.

Happily ... after retirement

I watched a documentary this past weekend titled, A Small Act. It’s a story about a woman who donated $15 on a quarterly basis to a young Kenyan boy named Chris Mburu.  That money helped to pay for Chris to attend grammar and secondary school, eventually leave his village and attend Harvard Law. His role as a human rights advocate brought him full circle as he began a foundation to help others. Chris named the foundation after his benefactor, Hilda Back.

If you are like me, you see the ads on television that tell you “your money will help” but I often think that my money will never really make it to the village or family or child. It’s all a scam.

Hilda Back, a Holocaust survivor,  didn’t think those thoughts and instead she sent money and often wondered if her small act made a difference.

I love when this…

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