One Hour in Exeter Summer 2011

I’m a travelaholic and I’m always posting photos and anecdotes from places around the world but for once I’m going to sing the praises about my own city. Beautiful Exeter in the south west of England is 2000 years old and has something for everyone. Here are just a few pics I took last summer when I spent just an hour in town.                                                                      A fund raising event

A shiny band

A veterans parade (and above)

Restored Tudor buildings

A recent mural

The 900 year old St Peter’s cathedral

Some of the flock!

Mols coffee house

A ruined church

A friendly labradoodle

Silver man

A catwalk show in Princesshay shopping centre

The blue boy relocated from the old Princesshay

I hope you like this quick insight into a summer day in Exeter.There is always something to see and do, we get lots of tourists and the coast is just ten miles away.

18 thoughts on “One Hour in Exeter Summer 2011

  1. What an eclectic mix! There was a woman who photographed a different suburb of Sydney every week for a year and then made a book out of it. I love it when people can see fantastic things in their own cities.

  2. Oh, Gilly, what a beautiful city you live in. I’d love to visit Exeter. Awesome shots and most inviting. That’s a wonderful idea, touring your own city, snapping pics and posting about them. Love that!

  3. Hello Gilly. Exeter looks like it’s worth the hour on the road. Love the pigs. Saw quite a few unique ones all over the place when we visited London in 2008. Come to think of t, we saw them in Bath too!

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