January Small Stones # 20

A waft of the most heavenly smell again today, I really love those rich plant perfumes! This one reminded me of a shrub I had planted in my old garden. I took my time to select the perfect variety because of space limitations and at the time my choice was quite hard to find. Mahonias are large prickly evergreens with four inch long tendrils of yellow flowers in early spring and my variety was Buckland. Apart from size, another reason it had to be this one, was that it was first bred by the late Lionel Fortescue, when he lived at the Garden House  http://www.thegardenhouse.org.uk/ one of my very favourite gardens to visit, an hour away across Dartmoor. Seeing and catching the scent today made me wonder how my old garden is doing now, if the planting I did is appreciated.