The Granite Way, 2. The Pretty Bits

As promised here are a few more photos from yesterdays Dartmoor walk on the Granite Way. Today the focus is on the views and nature. At present the air is filled with the aroma of gorse, sweet like coconut! The undergrowth is carpeted with the green of the bluebells to come in a month and foxglove leaves have sprung up for late May and June. So  much promise of the beauty to come. Maybe one day you will come to Devon and visit Dartmoor. There are walks for everyone, the Sunday mile stroller and the three day hiker.Hope you like my photos.

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26 thoughts on “The Granite Way, 2. The Pretty Bits

  1. so beautiful… I love all the photos. Is that yellow flower Broom? The bush. I haven’t seen that since I left BC. It grows like a weed there and was brought over from England or Scotland I hear.

  2. Delicious. I’ve got spring fever but it hasn’t arrived here yet. We went from winter (sort of) to summer and now we seem to be in fall today.

    Your picture have made today’s cool day warmer.

  3. Wow – such an amazing contrast on your walk. From abandoned and lonely industrial areas to thriving nature. What a great day. Love the expansive views and the macros – the yellow flower is lovely and the shelf fungi too. Great shots!

      1. True !!!

        Just so long as the kiddywinkles pop up a nice statue somewhere…preferably under their bedroom windows so they don’t forget me…

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