Crazy Polish Woman has gone downstairs

Yes truly! Ooonika, not how you spell it but I’m trying to provoke a reaction, has upped sticks and left my office and now works in another department. I didn’t frighten her away. I know this because she has been back up at least six times today. She needed to clear her desk, complain, help solve someone’s problem, complain, ask a favour of me, complain about the smell of a heavy smoker down there. Complaining about not having a window any longer. I do, whoopee I can see the sky and the hills!

CPW likes to sing, the Polish equivalent of humming, a sort of dee dee dee sound, when she’s happy or bored or attention seeking. She won’t be able to do that down there in the serious dungeon of management accounts, and I have already missed the noise but luckily, I can hear it in my head. It’s strange when people move on, you miss them, but they are busy learning new jobs and fitting into a different environment with new people.

CPW has promised to help me to translate some dialogue I have to write into sensible Polish but she may be too important now 😦 I know she will keep visiting though because my office has the best and most regular supply of biscuits and naughty stuff. But she won’t be able to hang around long enough to indulge in the type of stimulating and  intellectual conversation we usually have, who will I talk to now? She has been great fun to work with. I’ll just have to look to the hills and hum a dee dee dee in my head, perhaps I’ll step into her shoes and become the Crazy English Woman. I have already slid under her desk to pinch her footrest, right what else has she left behind?

20 thoughts on “Crazy Polish Woman has gone downstairs

  1. you know she will never leave you, that deedee will always be lurking, those imagined conversations will pop up even when she doesn’t …. but i know she will miss you!

  2. Well, here’s a thought for you, Gilly: I’m Bulgarian, Scottish, Cherokee, and — you got it — Polish! And …………….. I’m looking for a new job! One of mine just pretty much dissolved away over the past few months, and the other one has taken on so many obnoxious employees that the whole atmosphere is extremely unpleasant and stressful.

    But seriously, you don’t have to worry about being invaded by all those nationalities at once. I have too many other responsibilities to pick up and move to England for a new job. Wish I could though. It would definitely pull me out of my comfort zone.

    1. Haha I’m a mixie too and love to be around different nationalities! I hope your work situation improves, it’s really tough everywhere at the moment and I’m waiting to hear if my contract will be renewed or better still, made permanent. Have a good day honey 🙂

  3. I still keep in touch with my x-coworkers from my days of being a truss designer. One woman, who remains ‘a best friend’ now lives in West Virginia, about 250 miles from me. We still keep in touch via facebook and e-mail. At least your co-worker is just down the hall. Congrats to you, Gilly, on windows in your office,and to her for her promotion. 🙂

  4. I can only claim half crazy Polishness. 🙂 🙂 It makes me sad visiting old posts sometimes- the names in the comments have often left or moved on.

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