Exeter Cathedral 1

Just a quickie taken with my mobile tonight. The cathedral has had scaffolding up for  a very long time while they were doing restorative work. For several months the Occupy people were there and they left a mess. It was so nice to see it in all its glory. The stone masons have done such a good job on this thousand year old building, so I wanted to share it.

St Peters Cathedral Exeter

42 thoughts on “Exeter Cathedral 1

  1. It’s very beautiful. I had planned to take a photo series on old churches at some point. Now you have inspired me to get at it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. It is beautiful. I hear the occupy London group left a huge mess at St. Paul’s. Good to know that both places have been cleaned up.

  3. Great photo, even grater since it is from a phone! It is nice to see restorations work out well. I must find out what has happened to the Christchurch Cathedral (New Zealand) after the earthquakes last year.

  4. Lovely photo not that it means much since I take crap ones. Have to say one of my favorite things about blogs is seeing the world through the eyes of others, and you my dear have a beautiful view 😉

  5. Can you imagine what it would cost to be this masterpiece today? I doubt you’d ever find the craftsmen to get the job done. Maybe it would be possible with todays machinery and techonology though. 🙂

    1. I know that my city couldn’t afford it! No doubt there are machines that could do it but i don’t think many people have the traditional skills anymore 😦

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