Sunday Post : Shelter

It’s time for Jakes Sunday Post again. If you haven’t joined in before may be this weeks will inspire you!

Here is my entry, a Turkish Muslim and an Indian Hindu sharing an umbrella to shelter from the fierce sun in Istanbul.

39 thoughts on “Sunday Post : Shelter

  1. I was thinking umbrellas, yesterday. Coming home from the Delegate Convention, it poured down. My car looks so nice now. 😉 LOL. Looks like you beat me to the punch, here. 🙂 Nice shot.

      1. I’d have to shoot a photograph specifically for the challenge. You can keep the thunder on this shot, as I have a couple of other things in mind. Still, your photo expresses my imagination … so kudos to you. 🙂

  2. When I was in Istanbul with my family, we all felt the tolerance that people practice there. We were pleasantly surprised. We found that there were many things we did not know about Turkey and it’s people. I can only hope they don’t move towards radicalization, as what’s happened to many Muslim countries. Turkey prides itself in its Secularization. I hope it remains that way and it somehow convinces its meighbors to follow.

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