100 Word Challenge Week # 41

Julia at http://jfb57.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week41/ has created a new challenge for this week. The prompt is a photo and the words ‘A pile of bones’.

This is my response.

A Rainbow of Wings

Grandfather’s shell reached the cliff of passing

 each pressed mahogany hands to their heart.

A fleece bag at his waist

 they filled with gold.

‘Grandfather, descend the chasm

  rejoin the earth of our fathers.

Ancient ones, welcome the flesh of your son.

Take his earthly remains

 and breathe his soul

into the child that waits.’


The old being fell, shattered, into the abyss

 where a haunting of vultures

created a  pile of bones

dotted with precious element.

A rainbow of wings rose to sing

welcome to the new life,

as the spirit heralded the grandchild

flourishing forth with first breath.

41 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week # 41

  1. I went to poetry too…something evocative and spiritual about bones…you did a great job imaging the ‘haunting of vultures’ to the ‘rainbow of wings’…moving us through the emotions. Thanks.:)

  2. You write such lovely descriptions. Someone above mentioned bittersweet contrasts. I see those, too. And sadness. I’ve always seen so much sadness in this kind of sacrifice, even though it’s been a part of many cultures since ancient times.

  3. That’s beautiful, Gilly! You have such talent for creating a simple yet lovely scene. I especially like the evocative imagery – a haunting of vultures, a rainbow of wings. I especially like the circle of life that is created, here. Just gorgeous. 🙂

  4. I’ve always found the concept of ‘spirit’ passing on into new life quite intriguing and you’ve captured that beautifully here. Nice work.

  5. My favourite piece this week. You’ve bought such beauty and ritual to the process of death and rebirth. I love the seamless marrying of the unseen spirit and physical reality.

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