I am seriously begining to think of the Philippines as a holiday destination and that’s down to blogs like Sophomore Jinx whose photos show a paradise on earth!

The Sophomore Slump

Sun, in my line of work where I’m always outside, a lot of times I just want it to go away. When the sun is brightly up and scorching, every shade is a fortress and even the slightest breeze feels like a christmas present. I hate places that clammy and humid during summer. Oftentimes, I get stuck to those places.

However way they put it, there is no summer in the Philippines, rather rainy days and sunny days. And when it isn’t raining, the sun can be an unforgiving four and a half times brutal monster you want to hide from.

I’m one who don’t complain about the weather. it’s just that it is undeniably *urgh* so hot in the Philippines. It is so easy to lose your cool when you’re there. People are sweating profusely like sinners inside the church. It even feels like you’re at its burning point, so to speak, when you’re in big cities. I’d imagine the…

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  1. You might like to check out this article from another man who is originally from the Philippines. Just gives you the other side of the coin before you make a final decision about a vacation. Not implying you shouldn’t go, but it always helps to be prepared for the less desirable aspects of a
    place before you go.

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