100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week# 46

Julia http://jfb57.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week46/ thinks her prompt  . . . in the dark recess of my mind . . . is straightforward this week, well not for my impoverished mind! Equally challenging will be making this page line up as I want it to but here goes.

Electric Recess

In the dark recess of my mind, drowning, overwrought and burdened

            a brand new demon idles there but

The memory cannot linger forever. Forks of light slash through clouds with

            intent to throw open the path

Dark as the night once shared. Storms resounded in those arteries that                                           now are scoured of plaque.

Recess littered with nightmares, fossil formed, now queuing to

            be purged, volted electrically

Of hallucinatory dervish spinning a reel, reaching a hand to heaven, stabbing

            a hand to earth, relentless chaotic earth.

My sanguine fluid put on hold, damned and damned forever to ease my tormented


30 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups Week# 46

  1. Wow… So much here, I see chaos and pain, but inside a horrific (though beautiful) abstraction of thoughts. Perhaps the mind of madness? Or might I understand the specifics better with further readings? Wow.

  2. Hi! I wrote a poem in college that, while completely different in other ways, was pretty much as dark as this. I had a copy of Poet’s Market, and I chose a publisher of a little tiny company. I mailed him my poem, and about ten days later I got my poem back. Written in red over the text: You should see a therapist. I was angry. The world of poetry needs every mood and point of view — macabre, sinister, and dark are needed as much as any other mood. Great poem — I loved it! (And the publisher was right about me needing to see a therapist!) 😎

  3. BRAVA!!!! Your talent for creating powerful imagery is HUGE!!

    ps. I just noticed you changed your blog’s tagline, and that makes me happy! IMO, you’ve been a writer since the day 1 of your blog!

    1. Gosh thank you, you’re an angel! I’m amazed that anyone ‘got’ it. yes I change d the tag line a few weeks ago – thanks to you and others I believe. I still have trouble with it because I’m not writing as much as I want or can.

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