Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

This is my friends work table just a few minutes ago. She is the most creative person  I know, one minute she will be decorating boxes like here and the next, chopping up some old Levis to make a journal, in between there may  be beads or desk pets. She works so hard it tires me out to watch her, often starting as soon as she gets up and staying at it for twelve hours. Next she collapses in an exhausted heap every bone aching, never learning to pace herself. The results are stunning.

What do you think?

58 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

  1. WOW!! What a talent!! She reminds me of my mother who is now 80 and creates at a mile a minute….just inspiring people aren’t they??

      1. She makes beaded purses…jewelry…she’s an oil painter…she converted the two books that she researched and then wrote on our family history..at least four branches of the family…she has recently converted part of that onto a CD…she gardens…she wears me out 🙂

  2. yes she reminds me of my mother too, always sewing and coming up with new and wonderful creations, it exhausts me just to think of it, but what a wonderful thing that we have these hard-working creative geniuses amongst us! lovely post gilly

  3. Wow!! I looked at that desk, my eyes lit up and I got this urge to touch everything!!! Oooh, so many goodies on there… Fantastic.

  4. Ooh! Your friend is a creator alright!!! I am sure she never has to break her head about what to gift people! Love that leather journal.

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