I’m a blogging failure, will you forgive me?

I want to share with you a little of what’s been happening in my life recently. It’s been quite stressful for some time and all to do with work. I joined my organisation on a year’s fixed term contract in August 2010 after leaping from a job I hated. My contract was renewed a year later, for a further six months, and then three more renewals that took me up to yesterday. A couple of months ago I had to apply for the job I’ve been doing all this time, and I didn’t get it! I was invited to re-apply when it was advertised again and this time around, just in the nick of time I was successful. So here I am with a permanent contract, you wouldn’t believe the relief this has brought me. I’m single, have to support myself and despite paying tax and national insurance for forty years the state would have only given me around £72 per week to exist on if I joined the ranks of the unemployed. Even working I am still poor but my needs are few and my blessings are many, so this isn’t a sob story.

It is a tale of my failure though. My writing has suffered. I’m behind with my blogging. I’m behind with replying to comments. I’m hoping that you won’t all give up on me because I haven’t been present, you’re such lovely, and supportive people that I feel it will be okay. I can never catch up, it would take a week of solid work, so I’m just going to apologise and now that this huge anxiety has lifted I will refocus. I hope I haven’t totally lost my writing mojo because I begin a new writing course soon and need to be able to pull stories out of the bag. Talking of stories, I’ve failed with Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers challenges, missing the last two. Julia’s 100 word challenge for grown ups I might just manage because we have two weeks this time. I’m most sad because I really wanted to support Maggie Elizabeth, with her brand new weekly prompt Maybe some of you will join in with that one; you are all such good writers.

I have a lot of followers, many of you I haven’t said hi to – how rude am I? I can’t stand rudeness and I am ashamed of myself. I wish I could follow you all as well but at present I’m only just managing to visit everyone I do follow.

For the last few weeks a great contest has been going around, Travel Supermarket’s Capture the Colour and I have been invited to join by Blueberrie, and Elisa, and the closing date was yesterday. Guess what I missed it. Actually, time wise I could probably have made this one but after sending an hour trying and failing to choose the photos I gave up. Sorry girls and I really loved your entries.

Anyway, enough of what I haven’t done, enough beating myself up. How do all of you manage to find time to be a polite blogger, thank your followers and reply to the terrific comments as well as posting, working and living your lives? I LOVE to visit you, I’ve learnt so much and had real peoples views of so many wonderful places and insights into lives so different from mine. I get cross and feel I’ve missed out if I don’t visit. What’s your secret? Please share your time management skills!

Last of all, a big THANK YOU – I hope you’re still here 🙂

75 thoughts on “I’m a blogging failure, will you forgive me?

    1. Bless you dear Reb! I haven’t read you for a while – being blogspot and my rare Facebook visits make it even harder! I hope things are going well and I’ll soon be able to buy a best-selling millionaire making novel!

  1. First, of all, I am relieved over your good news of your job security. That is a tough obstacle and reasons to lose ground. As for blogging, just get back on the bicycle and ride it again…but maybe fewer challenges. It’s always quality of one’s life, not quantity, but then again, bloggers love a good challenge. I am a caregiver and know my limitations of my time. I can do one blog a week and no more. Best wishes to you.

    1. I wish I had your common sense! The trouble is I love photography as well as writing and its very much easier 🙂 I so addicted to blogging I wouldn’t know what to give up.

  2. So sorry to hear that you’ve been going though a tough time, Gilly. I couldn’t keep up with my blogging if I was a working girl, so don’t feel bad at all. Congratulations on landing the job. I’m so happy for you, Gilly. Take care. Hugs

  3. Congrats on the job! Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t worry about your writing mojo … you’ll be shocked how quickly it will return as soon as you can MAKE time to exercise those muscles. Wish I had a writing-time-tip. I write in the mornings because I don’t sleep much – a good night is 6 hours, most times I get 5 or less. My energy starts to drain late afternoon, and I’m a couch potato by evening. Writing is your passion … trust it’s always going to be there for you. 🙂

    1. Haha I have a similar sleep pattern! I’m sure you’re right and I’ll soon get my act together. it really has been energy sapping for months of uncertainty. Thank you 🙂

  4. Gilly, how wonderful that you got the permanent contract!! As for time management – that’s one of the things I’m terrible at. So how do I blog? No job. Simple as that. Well, not quite – as you know it still requires making the time to post – but when I was working, there was hardly ever time to write anything. (One of the several reasons I retired a bit early was that I came to realize if I was ever going to finish writing any of the books I’ve started, I needed time to make writing my job.)

    And Gilly, you have been such an inspiration to me in more ways than you know that I would never hold it against you that you need to cut back on your internet time! Do what you can do; do what you need to do. 🙂

  5. Dear Gilly i am so happy to hear that you are feeling more secure in your work. Blogging…so addictive !!! But you should never feel bad when time limits what you can do. Your writing and courses are important and must come first to replying and visiting everyone else. I am ofteen left feeling inadequate with this as well but I hope that the blogs i visit also understand that i can’t always manage to visit every post they do just as they can’t do that either. I am trying to work on a script, and the novel ans well as build networks for when the book is published. With that and trying to write things to sell to feed me and the furry brood life gets well over busy at times. Don’t worry too much about the writing…just try to do some each day and it will come back. You are too talented for it not to. And know that we out here are happy to have whatever we can of you.

  6. The Hubs long ago brought home a word that galvanized my life: prioritize.
    Sounds like the worst kind of jargon, but really gave me a method for how to tackle what jobs, in what order. Everything isn’t equally important. Obviously, job comes first (a gal’s gotta eat). Then perhaps writing, with adequate time to do so? Or is it photography? Blogging of your own? Responding to challenges? Visiting other people’s blogs?
    You make your choices, and you set ’em in order, and you do what you can, as you can.
    And as others have said — stop beating yourself up!!!!! (That’s probably #1)
    We all love you, Gilly. But only you can take care of yourself. So go, girl!

    1. It’s strange isn’t it? all day long in the workplace I can prioritize with the best of them, but my own stuff? pffft! I’m too greedy for experiences that’s my problem and I hate missing out on anything 🙂 Thanks so much!

  7. You are way too hard on yourself – and finding balance is not something I have done yet–the blog world is my escape and I come here too often – I am behind in my work — not my writing work because I work to deadlines, but my bookwork (which I hate anyway). You have a lot on your plate–take care of yourself – don’t try to catch up – just start anew.

    1. Ahhh Louann thank you, I won’t try to catch up it would be impossible! I think its the photography that I’ll have to cut down on because I began the blog as a place to put some of my writing. I hope you find the answers too and still have fun!

  8. Hi Gilly, this post makes up for everything you missed… Am happy you got a permanent contract, some stability is much needed these days. Am sure everything will go in the right way now that your life is back on track and you have less worries. Take care xxx

      1. Don’t know how to answer to this, hope u’re right because am having a bad period myself. Hope to come out fine and soon from it. But am glad to know that you are more serene now.

  9. Gilly, no worry!! We know you will be back and you’ve had much more important things going on in your life. Congratulations on getting a permanent job; I know that takes a big burden of worry off of you! We are your faithful readers and we will follow you through thick and thin. As far as time management skills, I am a working girl, but this last month I’ve been on vacation. If you can call it that. I do it after work usually to keep myself occupied and to have fun. I think it’s good not to feel obligated by the challenges; I usually stress myself out about doing them, but then I thought: “I don’t have to do these things if I’m not inspired by them or if I don’t have time.” Do what you can, when you can, and when you feel inspired. That’s my advice, for what it’s worth!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I hope you ‘ve enjoyed your holidays and the new term doesn’t come round too quickly. i know I have to limit myself but find photo challenges hard to resist 🙂

  10. Oh Gilly. That’s what we have been living with here too. Not me. I stopped working in 2005 and decided I would starve or live in a tent on a beach before I would crawl to anyone again. But Izzy has been through ( and is still going through) what you have. Its really a relief to hear from other people all round the world. You have cheered his morning. Self doubt and the barrage of other emotions wear us down at times ( in our 60s). Luckily I am an old hippy and except for homelessness and starving – I have lived with these values for a very long time. so I don’t do too badly. Our love to you from Australia. ♥

    1. Ahh it always helps to know you’re not alone!and I hope that you and Izzy are okay and continue to get through in your very special way 🙂 thanks honey and take care Gx

  11. Silly billy! What’s all this failure talk? You have just secured a job and an income. Unless you want blogging to be a duty and a stress, it is there when you want it, and it can wait when you are busy. That’s the joy of it; no demands other than those you choose.
    Mind you, I feel guilty too when I don’t repay visits, but time is limited, and I am sure everyone understands that.

      1. I am amazed at how many challenges you participate in. I hardly do any now, because I know I have not the time to look at many entries, so it doesn’t seem fair to ask people to look at mine. They became a duty rather than a pleasure. Not what I came to blogging for at all.

  12. So very pleased you were finally able to get the job. I was worried as I continued to read. I wasn’t able to take a breath until the end. Congrats …!!!
    No need to apologize for missing things. You are a frequent blogger in my book even when you are not blogging. I always seem to see you everywhere commenting and posting. I think you do just fine. I know we all wish we could do all the challenges and respond to every comment and as well as post but there are other issues in our lives that need attention too. I’m happy that you are still going to be here and not gone all together.
    Be well … be happy ….
    namaste, Issy

  13. dear gilly, so glad you have job security again …no need to apologise … i have been absent too due to work overload for the trip … and will be absent again now for 5 weeks!!! don’t stress, we all love you! christine x

    1. Christine, I’m missing you already!!! but you’re right its okay. It’s getting close now isn’t it?
      It just shows how much I need grounding 😉

  14. Gilly, we all suffer from having “too many irons in the fire” at times. Don’t worry about your blogger friends feeling neglected-we don’t because we all have lives we have to manage as well. I hate it when I miss a prompt or challenge that really inspires me and I love it when I find one that does.I will keep reading and keep in touch and I know you will do the same.beebee

  15. Glad you got the contract! Congratulations! Take care of the priorities first. For me, it’s health and healing. Without health, I can’t do anything or help anyone else.

  16. Life has many twists and turns and we all experience them at one time or another. I believe we have all been overwhelmed. I’m sorry to hear about your roller-coaster ride. I don’t know that anyone can catch up, catch up. I DO try but like you said it’s a FULL time job. I do my best but I wish I was able to do better. We’re all in the same boat. Glad to see you back, Gilly.

  17. Please don’t feel bad, Gilly. You haven’t failed any of us. That’s one of the great things about blogging. Those who are genuinely interested in the connections with like-minded people seem to understand that life throws us curves that disrupt our Internet routine, but the circle of life will gradually bring us back. I’ve felt bad myself the past couple of weeks, because I too have been seriously stressed job-wise — and have been having tons of computer problems. I hated not being able to connect as frequently as I had been. But I’ve really enjoyed the connections now that I’m able to be back on here. Whatever you do, don’t let the blogging become a stressor. The writing and interacting with your blogging family should be nothing but a joy and a refreshing. Any part of it that does not fit that description — let it go — and do more of the parts that give you those positive returns.

    Congratulations on the job!

    1. Dear Sandra I’m sorry to hear you have been struggling too and hope the circle has nearly got you there. It is a big learning curve and wonderful to know that so many people care, you and the rest of my blogging family are amazing! Sending you big hugs and blessings 🙂

  18. Gilly! Let me just say that I in no way think you’re a blogging failure. I’ve enjoyed hearing your comments and encouragement on a weekly (if not daily) basis! So you are forgiven from my small corner of the world. 🙂 No need to feel any pressure about participating in my prompt! I’d love to see your work but please do it on your own time! 🙂

  19. I am not alone in thinking that you are NOT a failure at blogging. You have come through a very stressful time and your persistence and dedication along with FAITH has landed you a new job. CONGRATULATIONS! We all experience times when life throws us a curve, but we survive them, just as you did and just as I did. Your followers are always here for you. You are not alone. You got another job. I’m going to the Grand Canyon this week. I know your situation was greater but YEA for us.


    1. Thanks Francine you are so kind and caring.
      The Grand Canyon! how wonderful and I hope to see some of your photos,your New York ones were really moving 🙂 enjoy and take care.

  20. Take that tree trunk out of your hands Lady! Goodness me I can’t imagine how you’ve been able to do what you have done with all that going on. Readers and followers do not disappear over night. We love your work and are just happy to get it when you treat us!! xx

  21. Just take a deep breath and start fresh. Don’t worry about what you’ve missed because I’m pretty sure every one of your WordPress friends has trouble keeping up too. I know I do. I love blogging, but it is very time consuming, and the rest of my life is crazy at the best of times. If you get too stressed out about missing a few blogs or comments, you aren’t going to enjoy blogging as much. So, just relax :). We’ll all be here no matter what!! Now that I’ve said all this, I have to learn to take my own advice as well LOL!!!

  22. Oh Gilly, you need to breathe my friend. Congrats on getting that contract! Now where blogging is concerned…you know I took some time off over the summer. I burned myself right out and got way too caught up in the whole shebang. I needed time away to regroup. A blog should be fun and free spirited. We all get carried away. Commenting to each comment, participating in challenges, following everyone that follows you plus many others, putting out x amount of posts you have decided you need to do, and still fit in time for communing with nature, taking photos, socializing, working, housekeeping, relationships…phew! Think about what we do to ourselves!

    I came back with a different mindset. I believe in my heart you blogging buddies get it, we are all in the same boat, and that is that! I have removed all parameters I had put upon myself where my blogging world was concerned, and am going with the flow. It is nice, relaxing, fun and I am enjoying it once again. I think my space reflects these changes too!

    Follow your heart Gilly. No more pressure or negative emotion about this beautiful space you have nurtured in your little corner of the blogging world. It isn’t going anywhere and neither are we!

    Xx, Margie

  23. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone has ups and downs. I’m never going to be a consistent blogger, I’m much too undisciplined, so I focus on writing when I want to.

    I look forward to reading more of your writing. You have a lovely blog.


  24. Just not letting blogging take over more immediate & stringent concerns ………. that’s how I’d rephrase it for you. And I suspect all along, there were moments when — in your mind — your were composing a post, yes??

    1. Erase that. We will be blogging best friends no matter what. 😀

      To answer your question, I just happen to have a job to where I can find enough time to blog. I travel only during weekends.

  25. My gosh, Gilly, that is a lot of stress! Glad to hear that your employment issues have settled, though. I empathize with such anxiety.

    No worries on staying silent and still for a while. Life catches up to all of us, and it’s a far better thing to be connected to the “real world” around you than to be slogging through blog posts and whatnot. 🙂 Personally, I’m just happy to hear you’re still devoting at least a bit of time to the parts of your life that bring you happiness, more than just writing and photography (though I always like to see what you have to offer in both those arenas).

    I’ve had to cut down on the blogosphere, as well, these last few weeks. It is student move-in at my university, where I go from having about 200 customers to almost 10,000, in less than a week! So, I feel your desire to just start fresh when you do have the time for a click here or a readthrough there.

    Good luck!

  26. Dearest Gilly~ do NOT worry about catching up. I have gotten behind too, and it is just overwhelming! The good news is everyone writes such amazing posts and has such amazing photography. The difficult thing is that it is nigh on to impossible to stay caught up with it all, write comments, create your own post, etc. So we all just have to muddle on. It is like that scene in Bruce Almighty where Jim Carrey is God for a week. He says yes to everyone’s prayers and immediately a zillion more prayers appear on his screen! We (or at a minimum I) know that everyone gets busy! It is ok—you are not terrible—we are not judging you. We love you and accept you. We love when you stop in at our blogs….sometimes we manage to say so, sometimes we don’t. We love when you post—sometimes we see them right away and comment. sometimes we see them a week later, love the post but don’t have time to comment.
    Gilly-queen—you are loved. I am glad you got re-hired. Hang in there—take care of you first. I am Always around the bend, my huckleberry friend! Just not always communicating right away!

  27. Gilly, you took the words out of my mouth! I have been considering writing a similar post, and wondering how everyone manages their time! Your work is most important Gilly and your life, the rest can wait. We will still be here when you are ready to return 🙂
    Take care Gilly. And congratulations on the new contract!

  28. Gilly, I’ve been meaning to respond to this for a while, but couldn’t get myself organized enough! Seriously, please, please don’t be hard on yourself, especially with so much stress. I do hope it’s been working out. In terms of managing my time, I can’t speak for anyone else (especially since I’m not as frequent a blogger as I’d lilke to be, or as you are, actually), but I think any time you focus on one thing, something necessarily has to take a back seat. For example, work, family, housework … blogging. For me, either I’m writing and it’s going well, OR I’m blogging a lot. Never both. 🙂 I may not comment as much as I’d like, but I am definitely still here! 🙂

  29. Gilly:
    1) Get over it! Your life intervened!
    2) Thank goodness I found a few moments to read this, because now I do not feel nearly as bad about not visiting as I did! I am not the only one with a huge backlog and a life that intervenes!
    3) We love you so just keep doing what you can when you can!


  30. There is nothing like a good job security, Gilly and I am so happy for you. My lilfe is hectic here too and I barely manage to answer to all my mails. Sometimes I wish no new blogger will follow me anymore and there are lots of followers I am yet to visit. But the excitement is addictive. We will be here waiting for you, Gilly. We understand. All the best.

  31. Yes Gilly we are all still here 🙂 With pleasure I might add. I feel quite quilty because I have not been keeping up with your blog. And you always find the time to support me. I do appreciate it. I have not been able to focus on keeping up with everyone’s work. But I do plan to. And congrats on the job! You deserve it.
    Peace and Light

  32. First off, Congratulations on your permanent post! It is a blessing in these hard times… You’re NOT a failure in my book… as you know, I’m way behind and I know quite a few people just gave up on me too. I wish I could respond to every blogger with brilliance and regularity as my belief is that if someone stops by, common courtesy demands a reply too… Like you, I feel bad when I can’t read and reply to everyone right away but I do try. I do my best and have slowly but surely been getting around; even with my own personal challenges… I won’t bore you with the details… Be blessed I’m still a fan. 🙂

  33. Wonderful to hear you have a permanent position now.
    About keeping up: I struggle all the time just to keep on top of reading and commenting but every so often I trip up. I started a new course last week which might mess me up again time-wise.

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